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Sami Beirut

Sammy Sam

Sami Beirut

40211 Düsseldorf

Über Sammy Sam


Welcome to Sammy Sam...

I'm a DJ and Record Producer, playing worldwide in clubs and at festivals. Based in Germany and born in Lebanon.

My basics are Blackmusic//Dancehall//House//EDM.


I love connecting people and to meet new people who do the same and are attracted by music (any kind). I want to work with several people and same minded fellows. I like to play at full crowded areas especially festivals.

I played in different clubs in my home town and in Düsseldorf//Germany. Furthermore I played in Cologne//Germany, Venlo//Netherlands, Dubai//VAE, Abu Dhabi//VAE and London//UK.

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40211 Düsseldorf


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40211 Düsseldorf, DE